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This just makes me smile:

In other news I've gone to two swing dancing lessons so far and really really enjoyed it. I think it'll be a weekly activity for me going forward.
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Right, I went a few days ago googling to see if Jason Dohring had been in anything recently. Turns out he guest starred in a series called Party Down, I was vaguely interested.

Then I went searching a bit more and lo and behold it's a comedy about 'out of work' actors and wanna be showbiz people who are working in a party catering service while looking for their big break.

The thing that makes this show awesome? It's made by the creator of Veronica Mars and he pulls in a lot of his old actors.

Jason Dohring is in the second episode, when they cater for "California College Conservatives Union Caucus" ..and yeah he's an obnoxious rich republican idiot in there

Anyway, it's funny and it's great to see the familiar faces.

It's a 30min comedy but there's no laugh track and it's not a sit com per se.

ETA: Just a FYI sort of thing, the show does trigger my embarrassment squick fairly regularly but I'm laughing enough to cope with it most of the time, heh..

True Blood

Sep. 22nd, 2008 10:28 pm
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I was not expecting to fall hard for another vamp show this soon after Moonlight got cancelled *grr* at the network there.


True Blood aka a vampire show managed by Alan Ball of Six Feet Under, on HBO.

Me and my kinks didn't stand a chance.
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Dear lord *facepalm*

Ok I've been sick for most of last week and I've been gorging on Spooks (I watched season 3, 4 and 5 in a week).

Now I've got season 6 to go before I'm all caught up. However for probably obvious reasons I'm not starting the season until I've got ALL the eps down. I.e I'm expecting to watch the whole thing in 2-3 days but I don't want any chance whatsoever of hitting then, but the next one?! where is it?!! why did the interweb flake out on me NOOOOOOOO!!! thing.

Anyway to scratch the itch I decided to take a peek at the post apocalyptic Spooks BBC3 spin off.. and


Yeah, now see. It looks pretty much exactly like the young&hip version of SG1 in the 200th ep. They're all way too young, all very pretty, go clubbing and are generally seeming like typical TV Bright Young Pretty Things. Which isn't all bad, I mean Skins was fun (ok they were a bit younger there) but still. As Spooks? pah! Also one of the key things I enjoy about Spooks is the somewhat geeky background officers. The analysts and gadget people. Y'know people with sexy brains, rather than gun toting Action Men and Women (although they're fun too)

Anyway yes, I'll just be waiting for the mothership, I'll probably continue watching the Spooks: 90210 a bit longer out of morbid curiosity but yeah.. notte impressed.
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The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre are doing a show on the Edinburgh Fringe which I went to see and it was a ton of fun.

They have a bunch of youtube sketches, one of my favs so far is the BEST.EPISODE.EVER of Primeval *smolder smolder cheekbones smolder*
No really:

You should click through and see their other stuff as well. Their Life on Mars parody and Reservoir Socks are pure genius as well.

'Cos really sometimes worn grey socks with high pitched Scottish voices and wobbly eyes are hard to beat.
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I'm currently pon farring my way through Spooks season 2.

Tom Quinn is just beautifully fucked up and so so brittle and getting more so with each ep.

I'm just halfway through the season and unspoiled so no knowing comments about what happens please.

Anyway yes I just love the mindfucks and the stress they have to deal with
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= Fighting Evil So YOU don't have to!!

Ok see, I got this message from [ profile] evildrem saying "Watch Middleman, it's funny" or something like that. I basically went huh?

Fast forward a few days and I remembered about that and googled it and found er.. nefarious ways of acquiring a few eps and it's actually quite a lot of fun.

It's pretty much as if Torchwood and Due South had secrit wacky comic book babies.

It has some fun female characters. I.e I actually like the female lead and her friend. The Middleman himself is very entertaining and beautifully played but so clean cut I sort of want him to meet Captain Jack. He's also has that same vaguely WWII look about him which just makes me want to see them together more.

Anyway a deeply silly and wacky show that where I would not be surprised to eventually have them run into sharks with lasers on their heads.

Also I mean how can you not love a show where the all knowing computer is a robot that's stuck looking like it/she walked straight out of a Far Side comic, glasses, attitude and all.

Here, have a trailer:
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I'm sort of half way through season 2 now and apart from me needing to find some more Duncan/Logan fic just one observation that I find endlessly amusing right now.

In the credits you have the lyrics "Come on now sugar!" over Logan's bit and then "Bring it on bring it on, yeah!" for Weevil.

I know it's very minor observation and doesn't really warrant an entire post but well..
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First of all waaagh and grr and general angst about the cancellation. Especially since it's been getting better and better.

Secondly. Josef wants Mick SO badly.

That's all.


Apr. 24th, 2008 09:27 pm
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I just got the best worst LKBV bunny ever.

'cos really Gay Soaps and Country Western go SO well together. I'm listening to the song again now and just crying from the omg! OMG!! IT BE PERFECT


*dramatic wrist to forehead*
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JD in Scrubs and Lindsey in Angel, dating in a weird AU where Lindsey is hard partying gymbunny and JD has decided that blonds have more fun and thus has misguidedly bleached his hair.

See there's a movie where this happens and I have the caps to prove it.

pictorial evidence behind the cut )

So yeah.. heh, I sometimes hunt down gay romcom type movies (or gay movies of any type to be honest) and that one was just full of omg! HIM! there! wtf? It's not a brilliant movie, rather too camp for my tastes, but it's not all bad.
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I was tagged.

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions in your Live Journal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to. Do it if you want.

Voila for songs, I like them all )
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Right, AfterElton interviewed Gareth David-Lloyd.

The best best best quote of the lot.

AE: One thing we found really interesting is that there are a lot of female fans who are really into the idea of two men being together romantically. Do you have a lot of female fans that are pushing for a relationship between Jack and Ianto?

GDL: Oh, definitely. I try to stay clear away from the Internet, but you find yourself reading fan fiction and it takes up a lot of time.

So the main problem with the fanfic is just how much time it sinks. Heh. Hehehehe

Link for the interview:
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Now this is one of those posts where I'll rave about something. You'll all ignore me and then in around 8 months you'll rediscover it and rec it to me.

That's ok, I'm not bitter (much anyway :p) Hehehe (no really I'm just amused)

BUT! There's this little show on BBC3 now called Being Human. I think it's just a pilot so far but I hope they make it a series or that it is a series.

It's about three people who live together. All young adults, or well look like ones anyway. Two guys and a girl and they're all rather fabulous.

The twist? One guys a werewolf, one's a vampire and the girl's a ghost.


A whole bunch of nudity as well for Mr. Puppydog since yeah.. you don't get your clothes with you when you turn into a werewolf.

I have a thing for this type of urban fantasy so it was an easy sell for me. There is some interestingess in the character dynamics. Other vamps refer to Mr Werewolf as the pet of the vampire. A woman mistakes the two guys for a gay couple and the girl is just fabulous.

Oh yeah and the boys work helping out in a hospital.

It's not perfect. Mr. Vampire tends to go a bit heavy on the "I am Vampire, I shall have a Husky Voice" acting but it's still good fun.

Iplayer link (will work for 4 more days) here:


Jan. 30th, 2008 10:35 pm
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Very brief reaction )

I need more Torchwood icons. Sylar coveting kitten power will have to do since it's new and amuses me greatly.
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To sum up in 6 bullet points )

Cutting only because I've somehow gotten to be conditioned into being paranoid about spoilering people. Even when I'm not really being spoilery and it's on eps thataired YEARS ago.

Oh and Hugh Laurie is made of win, he's hilarious in this.


Jan. 28th, 2008 09:59 pm
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Now see,

I saw season 1 of Spooks back when it first aired over in Iceland. I probably missed a few episodes but yeah I enjoyed it.

Then it became one of those shows which I wanted to see but wanted to see in order and from the beginning so I've managed to stay completely spoiler free and haven't actually seen anything else.

Was looking for stuff to watch, remembered about that and went and er.. aquired season 1 and 2, with the rest of the seasons on the way.

I'm *loving* it so far. I'm just rewatching season 1 since itw as ages ago. It's really hitting my double lives and normal people underestimating guy X kinks liek woah. So yeah, happyhappy. I said I'm spoiler free and I am mostly although I do remember the end of the season and I know it's a show with a pretty high cast turnover so I'm not counting on the life expectancy of anyone really but yay fun stuff.

*puts on the next ep*
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I was a complete dork just now, sitting on the kitchen floor with the kitchen door propped ajar and playing with my cat through the gap underneath the door.

She thought this extended mouse hole with access from both directions was great and was really overenthusiastic and cute going after the bottle cap and long piece of plastic and one actual bought cat toy.

I spent a good 15min playing with her like that and I really enjoyed myself. Allowing myself to just live in the moment and have fun, like the cat was and..

Well, the world sucks in many ways, my life is far from perfect and I have my share of stress and anxiety and a bucketful issues I probably should deal with one of these days.

...but for those moments I was close to perfectly happy. I can't really imagine anything, right then and there, making me happier than I was just sitting on the kitchen floor in my pajamas playing stupid dorky cat games with my cat.