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I'm Crowie over on LJ as well

Right, I figured I should babble on a little bit about my journal. Im an irregular poster. Sometimes I post every day, sometimes I have a few weeks when Im completely silent. This is usually in direct correlation to how busy I am with work and how easy it's for me to get online.

Most of my posts are about random things I think of and wanted to write down at the time. Alot of it is bits about my actual life and other bits are about various fannish things Im into.

Ive tried to write a few stories but Im very much not a writer, I am however a graphic person and spew out icons or wallpapers every now and then.

Im a fannish butterfly and flitter from fandom to fandom and have no qualms about reading fics in fandoms where I haven't seen the source. However there are some shows that click well enough for me to get properly fannish. I think it has to do with the level of snark, wit and/or messed up interpersonal relationships as well as slashability.

What Im into currently (in order of me getting fannish about them):
Highlander - Methos!!
Angel (I'm a big Wesley fangirl)
DeadZone - Im into the Walt/Johnny(/Sarah) mostly
Nip/Tuck - this one is pretty much a guilty pleasure though and Im not fannish per se about it but it hits some button of mine.
Doctor Who - What's not to love, I mean really. The Doctor, Captain Jack.. *sigh*
House - Needs no qualifiers.. I came for Hugh Laurie and stayed for the snark. Not so much these days actually. I need to rewrite this properly at some point
Heroes - In particular Sylar and the Sylar/Mohinder own me.
The West Wing - Not reading fic there really but love the show.

I also read Due South, Stargate Atlantis, Entourage, Sports Night, The State Within and more stuff.

I also read Bandom, specifically MCR but I'll also read the others.

I was at one point watching Heroes, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Moonlight, Chuck and Pushing Daisies

Now it's more True Blood, Party Down, Generation Kill, I've also seen most of Dollhouse and yes it has exactly the issues I expected. There might be a vid at some point.
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