Aug. 25th, 2008

crowie: (James Bond #007)
Dear lord *facepalm*

Ok I've been sick for most of last week and I've been gorging on Spooks (I watched season 3, 4 and 5 in a week).

Now I've got season 6 to go before I'm all caught up. However for probably obvious reasons I'm not starting the season until I've got ALL the eps down. I.e I'm expecting to watch the whole thing in 2-3 days but I don't want any chance whatsoever of hitting then, but the next one?! where is it?!! why did the interweb flake out on me NOOOOOOOO!!! thing.

Anyway to scratch the itch I decided to take a peek at the post apocalyptic Spooks BBC3 spin off.. and


Yeah, now see. It looks pretty much exactly like the young&hip version of SG1 in the 200th ep. They're all way too young, all very pretty, go clubbing and are generally seeming like typical TV Bright Young Pretty Things. Which isn't all bad, I mean Skins was fun (ok they were a bit younger there) but still. As Spooks? pah! Also one of the key things I enjoy about Spooks is the somewhat geeky background officers. The analysts and gadget people. Y'know people with sexy brains, rather than gun toting Action Men and Women (although they're fun too)

Anyway yes, I'll just be waiting for the mothership, I'll probably continue watching the Spooks: 90210 a bit longer out of morbid curiosity but yeah.. notte impressed.


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