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Ok see, I got this message from [ profile] evildrem saying "Watch Middleman, it's funny" or something like that. I basically went huh?

Fast forward a few days and I remembered about that and googled it and found er.. nefarious ways of acquiring a few eps and it's actually quite a lot of fun.

It's pretty much as if Torchwood and Due South had secrit wacky comic book babies.

It has some fun female characters. I.e I actually like the female lead and her friend. The Middleman himself is very entertaining and beautifully played but so clean cut I sort of want him to meet Captain Jack. He's also has that same vaguely WWII look about him which just makes me want to see them together more.

Anyway a deeply silly and wacky show that where I would not be surprised to eventually have them run into sharks with lasers on their heads.

Also I mean how can you not love a show where the all knowing computer is a robot that's stuck looking like it/she walked straight out of a Far Side comic, glasses, attitude and all.

Here, have a trailer:

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Date: 2008-07-28 11:29 pm (UTC)
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That was pretty much my first thought as well: "this is like the bastard off-spring of Torchwood and Due South" (although I have to say I think Paul Gross does it a little better). I really like Wendy and Lacey (I also want to kidnap Noser and keep him).

I am holding out hope for the fic where the Middlemen are a Torchwood subsiduary and it is Jack who is sending them the tech/info and Tosh and Owen who are programming the robots.

That and the fic where Fraser and The Middleman meet and they are just trying to out clean-cut each other while RayK and Wendy are just rolling their eyes and going 'what can you do'.


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