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JD in Scrubs and Lindsey in Angel, dating in a weird AU where Lindsey is hard partying gymbunny and JD has decided that blonds have more fun and thus has misguidedly bleached his hair.

See there's a movie where this happens and I have the caps to prove it.

Shock #1 Bleach Blond JD

They met at the gym

And JD can't believe that a guy like Lindsey is actually interested liek Dude is he HOT or what?

Then there's an even bigger shock 'cos Lindsey follows him and gives JD his number

Leaving behind a stunned JD

That's not all though. Since the main character in the movie is actually Seth from Deadwood (or the drug dealer in Go or actually Hitman now)

And he has one standard snoggus interruptus

(JD came and knocked bearing Important News)

They try to make up for it later

He also gets to make out with an impossibly pretty boy. Like you look made of plastic and should probably never ever tweeze your eyebrows to be absolutely honest kind of pretty.

But Wait! There is more!

Justin Theroux aka Joe in Six Feet Under plays a guy with a very high maintenance on again off again boyfriend.

Disapproving Boyfriend Disapproves of Pot

But it all ends well of course

It's not over yet though, because the gay and Hawaiian shirt loving owner of the restaurant where they all work is no other than Frasier's dad!

The movie is The Broken Hearts Club btw. Still JD + Gymbunny!Lindsey, not getting old for a while now.

So yeah.. heh, I sometimes hunt down gay romcom type movies (or gay movies of any type to be honest) and that one was just full of omg! HIM! there! wtf? It's not a brilliant movie, rather too camp for my tastes, but it's not all bad.
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